What we do ?

Prescription services

  • Prescription Delivery Service
  • Repeat Prescription Service
  • Monitored Dosage Systems
  • Dispensing for Care Homes

Medicines Services

  • Medicines Use Review Service
  • New Medicine Service

Healthcare Checks and Services

  • Allergy Screening Service
  • Asthma Check Service
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Diabetes Risk Awareness Service
  • Drug User Services
  • Vaccination Service
  • Healthcare, Medicines and Pain Advice
  • Healthy Heart Service
  • Minor Ailments Service
  • Weight Loss Support Service

According to a WHO , report about 30% of the drugs imported ,produced and sold in Nigeria could be fake or substandard. Add to this the fact that a majority of the chemist Shop in Nigeria employ improper storage and handling techniques, resulting in medicine losing their efficacy even before they reach you.

AROMOKEYE is different. Aromokeye was started with the express purpose of making it safer for consumers to purchase medicines; we do this by sourcing and selling only reputable medicine from the most trusted manufacturer and importer. We maintain a proper cold chain and equip our shops with air conditional and refrigeration Units to ensure that your medicine stay factory-fresh and work as expected. We employ trained and experience Pharmacists , Veterinary Doctors and Health personnel who will ensure the right medication is dispensed and are able to answer your query. It is not only safer to shop at AROMOKEYE, it is also cheaper.

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